About AEPI

Vision Statement

The AEPI will be recognized nationally and internationally for its forward-looking and scholarly assessment of key environmental and occupational health issues and innovative strategies and policies developed in support of sustained Army operational readiness throughout transformation and into the second half of the 21st Century...

Our Mission

Assist the Army Secretariat in developing proactive policies and strategies to address emerging environmental issues that may have significant future impact on sustainment of Army installation and operations.

AEPI History

The Institute evolved from recommendations made at the Senior Army Environmental Leadership Conferences in 1988 and 1989. The Under Secretary of the Army signed the Institute charter in September 1990.

The Under Secretary of the Army established AEPI in September 1990, to better prepare the Army for emerging and future environmental challenges.

An Acting Director was appointed in October 1990. The Institute was initially located in Champaign, Illinois. The Institute assisted the Army in developing and overseeing strategy of environmental protection, pollution prevention, restoration, and compliance and at the same time, reducing costs and helping sustain the Army's capabilities for training, readiness, and mobilization.

Originally placed under the general oversight of the Assistant Chief of Engineers, AEPI was subsequently assigned in Fiscal Year 1993 to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Environment, Safety and Occupational Health (DASA-ESOH). AEPI continues to serve as the DASA's primary advisor for policy analysis and development.

In 1994, AEPI relocated to Atlanta, GA to take advantage of the research staff and facilities of the area major research institutions and locations of key Army commands and installations in the southeast.

In February 2003, AEPI relocated to Crystal City in Arlington, VA.

AEPI Emblem

AEPI SealThe AEPI emblem was designed by the Army's Institute of Heraldry, Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

Description: On a white disc bordered gold a terrestrial globe edged blue with oceans and land masses in shades of light blue; thereon a shield derived from the Great Seal of the United States charged with a bald eagle in chief holding in its claws a lightning flash all in proper colors with a gold motto scroll doubled green over the shield inscribed "Vision and Sustainment" in blue letters. On the white border enclosing the globe the designation "ARMY ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY INSTITUTE" in blue letters with sprigs of laurel in proper colors in base.

Symbolism: White, blue and gold represent the mission of maintaining a healthy environment, represented by the terrestrial globe. The lightning flash signifies the elements of the environment and speedy response to its needs. The laurel sprig denotes growth and health. White indicates integrity.

Sustainability Report 2009

Sustainability Report 2009
The Army offers its second annual sustainability report to both inform and engage its primary shareholders on progress to embody the principles of sustainability in 2008. read more (PDF)

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