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The Army Environmental Policy Institute (AEPI) had another substantial year in support of our Soldiers and our nation's environmental stewardship and values. Our portfolio was aligned to benefit our customer; the Army Mission, Soldiers' environment and their Community wherever they operated. Project examples are: The Green Warrior report provided recommendations that will directly impact how the Army executes its mission "down range" by reducing health risk for Soldiers, reducing contamination of the environment and improving cooperation from the communities where the Army operates. As an example, the Sustain the Mission 2 (SMP2) project produced a methodology and tool that will directly impact how fuel and water are used and produced at "tip of the spear" and will directly influence decision making based on return on investment (ROI) for present and future weapons systems. The value of SMP was validated in April 2009 by the Army G4 by funding the tool and committing to its use and maintenance. Other project examples include: Sustainability as an Organizing Paradigm for a Campaign of Regional Engagement, Stability Operations and Forward Deployed Basing Policy Development, and Sustainability Water Assessments Methodology for Installations Worldwide. We produced an annual workplan that represents core business of AEPI which is policy development and analysis, foresight, strategic planning and innovation. We sponsored post graduate research, distributed daily environmental news alerts, and publish reports each month that identify worldwide emerging environmental issues. The AEPI Sustainability Lecture series continue to gain in attendance and recognition. With these lectures, AEPI brought people into the Army sustainability discussions who are world leaders in their field such as Amory Lovins, Tom Friedman and Jim Woolsey.

We plan to accelerate our support for Army sustainability in the coming year. Among the topics we will explore are: Environmental Factors for Forecasting State Fragility and Regional Instability, Integration of Recommendations from Green Warriors Report and Subsequent Workshop and A Business Case for Sustainability as a Transformational Organizing Principal.

In closing I want to say thank you to the whole AEPI Team who made this possible through their vision, enthusiasm, professionalism, and persistence. They make things happen. It's again been my privilege to lead AEPI through another thriving year.

Army Strong!

Sustainability Report 2009

Sustainability Report 2009
The Army offers its second annual sustainability report to both inform and engage its primary shareholders on progress to embody the principles of sustainability in 2008. read more (PDF)

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