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Renewable Energy Systems: Viable Options for Contingency Operations - Gordon D. Kuntz

Renewable Energy Systems CoverThe strategic importance of the United States having an unimpeded source of energy is becoming ever more crucial. The significance of energy and the need for greater energy responsibility by the US have been identified in several State-of-the-Union Addresses. President Bush's 2006 State-of-the-Union Address stated that "America is addicted to oil" and encouraged federal agencies to lead the way in developing more reliable alternative energy programs. read more (PDF) (Cover PDF)

Pulitzer Prize Winner Says 'Green' is Good for the Nation

Thomas L. Friedman photoPulitzer Prize winning journalist and author, Thomas L. Friedman, believes the "greening" of American can help the nation weather the war in Iraq, restore its natural place in the world order and greatly reduce international terrorism's financial resources. Speaking at the most recent in a series of lectures on resource sustainability hosted by the Army Environmental Policy Institute, Mr. Friedman outlined the strategic implications of America's dependence on foreign oil and addressed what he called "an inconvenient truth" about the war on terrorism. read more

Interview with Mr. Tad Davis

Mr. Tad Davis photoMr. Tad Davis, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Environment, Safety and Occupational Health discusses with Ms. Jini Ryan from Army Newswatch what the Army is doing to protect the environment and what sustainability means to the average Soldier. The Army has long recognized that "going green" is more than a watchword but means a resurgence in environmental concerns in the areas of energy, procurement policies, and sustainability just to name a few. view video (WMV)

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Army Learns Environmental Lessons from NFL

Army learns environmental lessons from NFLThe Army took cues from the National Football League on reducing negative impacts on the environment during a lecture on sustainability hosted by the Army Environmental Policy Institute here last week. Jack Groh, NFL environmental program director, explained the NFL's progress in incorporating environmental programs in cities that host such NFL events as the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl. read more

Sustainability Report 2009

Sustainability Report 2009
The Army offers its second annual sustainability report to both inform and engage its primary shareholders on progress to embody the principles of sustainability in 2008. read more (PDF)

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