Thrust Areas & Publications

Strategic Policy

  • Develops/provides mechanisms translate the research conducted by AEPI and others into Army policy
  • Builds partnerships with key leaders in academia, industry and research organization in order to provide the Army secretariat with the best advice and analysis
  • Integrates the work conducted by the other thrust areas into overarching AEPI, DASA-ESOH and Army strategy and policy

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  • Improving early warning systems in identifying future contaminants of importance to the Army, e.g., munitions constituents, emerging chemicals
  • Evaluating the interaction, fate, and transport of munitions constituents

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  • Develop and demonstrate an approach to integrating sustainability considerations into stationing planning and analysis
  • Develop policies and methods for analyzing and managing sustainability costs in systems, facilities and operations
  • Assess opportunities to integrate strategic planning and management systems in support of sustainable installations and operations

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  • Improving the integration of ESOH considerations into Army planning for global repositioning of forces by assessing emerging regional trends
  • Assessing the effectiveness of policies and doctrine to protect the health and welfare of forces and environment during operational deployments

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Environmental Health

  • Studies and policy recommendations to minimize environmental impacts on the health of troops, their families, the Army community and local communities
  • Bridge policy gaps between health policy and environmental policy
  • Improve the Army's ability to manage environmental health risks

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  • A Publication of the Army Environmental Policy Institute

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Sustainability Report 2009

Sustainability Report 2009
The Army offers its second annual sustainability report to both inform and engage its primary shareholders on progress to embody the principles of sustainability in 2008. read more (PDF)

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